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Welcome to A Game of Stones: V19 This is the 19th full version of GoS.This game is a completely free to play fan project developed by multiple development teams over the course of 15+ Years. Currentlythe game has now passed onto a new development team: Project Coramoor. No significant changes made since last age.

A Game of Stones is a browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) set in the universe of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. You control your character as he/she duels other players, battles NPCs, and completes quests. You can form 'Clans' with other players and compete to take over towns from other clans. As you complete tasks, you gain better skills and better equipment, struggling to be known as a Hero of the Horn.

The name comes from the strategy board game 'Stones' within the WoT universe. I know there are no actual stones in the game, but hey, I didn't name it.

No. The setting, a large majority of the NPCs and items, classes, and a lot of other elements are derived from the work of Robert Jordan. While I'm not going to say Jordan created the idea of using 'Swords' or fighting 'Bears', I've tried to only include elements found in the Wheel of Time series or elements that are likely to appear in such a setting. Any emulation of these ideas are done purely as the work of fan.

Of course you can play! The Wheel of Time source material is used primarily for naming conventions, but most gameplay elements are comparable to other RPGs, if only called another name.

I try hard to keep as true to the books as possible, but at some point I have to draw a line to keep the game balanced. I also try to include as much WoT elements to the game as possible, sometimes at the cost of continuity. Yeah, a channeler would likely be able to manhandle any non-channeler in a straight duel, but if channelers were that powerful the game would be unbalanced to the point of negatively effecting the game. Balancing WoT continuity and gameplay is something I try my best at though.

If you ever have a question, I'd suggest first checking the GoS Wiki page. It has a lot of basic information that may solve your problem. If that doesn't help, start a thread on the forum asking. Other players (myself include) check in there regularly and someone there should be able to answer your question. Or simply post your question in Tel'aran'rhoid, as many of the veteran players are quick to help others. If all else fails, shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

We know! The game has been passed on from development team to development team, with little attention to documenting the coding. There is a bright spot, the wiki that has been developed by the community is exceptional for learning how the game works! GoS Wiki has been created, so if you wish to share your knowledge of the game and how it works, it'd be much appreciated.

Nothing! The game if FREE to everyone.

Actually, we didn't. It was started by Craig Harrison, who was the original creator of the game. In 2008 the game was passed onto the second development team, who enjoyed playing the game and wanted to see the community and game carry on. This development team advanced and managed the game for over 10+ years! Project Coramoor picked up the game in 2020, we are a team of fans, hoping to keep this project alive.

Thanks, but I didn't do them (you likely wouldn't be loving them if I did...). The original game graphics were created by Aaron McCollough, though most of the current graphics are the work of Edward Givens. So pass your graphical feelings his way.

Wow! So nice of you to ask!

The biggest thing you can do is spread the word about the game. The more players we have, the more fun the game can be. I'm also very open to suggestions for game improvements. That's where most of the changes come from. I figure you guys are the ones playing the game, so it might as well be as close to what you all what anyways (within reason). If you REALLY want to help, there's always updating the Wiki to include more detail. The better the descriptions of what to do are, the easier the game will be for people to pick up. Plus I do accept donations to help with the costs of running the site.

If you want to do even more, come to me and we can talk. As nice as it'd be to have a second (or tenth) pair of hands working on coding game improvements, I'm pretty content right now doing the work myself. Smaller teams are much easier to manage. Maybe someday I'll build a team to do the work, but I'd probably be a little hard pressed right now. This is a hobby for me.

First, learning HTML, PHP, and Javascript would be a good idea. Other than that, its just a lot of hard work and creativity.

Then please let me know on our Discord channel. I can't fix them if I don't know about them.

Thank the community of developers and players. They are what keeps this project alive!

Current Development Team : Project Coramoor(2020)
Game previously developed by Tim Jensen, with graphics by Edward Givens
Game created by Craig Harrison, with graphics by Aaron McCollough
The Wheel of Time and related material © Robert Jordan and TOR Fantasy